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7 Chakra Sage Wand

7 Chakra Sage Wand

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Enjoy the loving scent of this beautiful 7 Chakra sage wand as you channel each of your chakral points for your grounding, aligning, and purification needs.

Seven vibrant chakra colors are carefully wrapped to represent each chakra. Burn one color at a time over the next 7 days for a week-long chakra meditation ritual.


★ Red: Muladhara, Root Chakra, base of the spine, "I am", feeling safe & secure, physical sexuality, primal & basic needs
★ Orange: Svadisthana, Sacral Plexus Chakra, just below the navel, "I feel", creative expression, emotional sexuality
★ Yellow: Manipura, Solar Plexus Chakra, just above the navel, "I can", self-esteem, self-empowerment, identity and purpose
★ Green: Anahata, Heart Chakra, center of the chest, "I love", connects physical and spiritual chakras, true connection with Higher Self and others
★ Light Blue: Vishuddha, Throat Chakra, "I speak", communication, finding and expressing your true voice
★ Indigo: Ajna, Third Eye Chakra, "I see", widsom, intuition, spiritual knowing
★ Purple: Sahasrara, Crown Chakra, "I know", Divine connection, higher consciousness

How to use: Hold the cleanse stick in the flame of your lighter and rotate it so all sides get lit. Gently blow and shake.  You may cleanse yourself first by encircling the smoke around you. Use a feather or fan to direct the smoke to the areas or persons in need of cleansing.

During this time, focus on your positive intentions, that which you desire to manifest in your life such as health, love, protection, abundance, etc. Do this from a place of confident knowing and faith, removing sense of fear, lack or doubt. You may also use this time to visualize your desired life experience, allowing yourself to tap into the emotions as if the event is already certain.

Size: 3-5 inches; Individually sold

*All of our cleansing sticks are ethically harvested from various places around the world*

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