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Celestial Black Obsidian Tower

Celestial Black Obsidian Tower

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Obsidian is a very strong and protective stone as well as forming a shield against negativity. It blocks psychic attack and absorbs negative energies from the environment. It stimulates growth on all level and draws out mental stress and tension. Brings clarity to the mind and clears confusion. Helps you to know who you truly are. Obsidian dissolves emotional blockages and ancient traumas. Black obsidian is a stone of personal power and purpose, allowing you to stand strong and able to vibrate at your highest frequency. Crystal Points/Towers are dynamic meditation tools to amplify energy and intentions in a single direction (especially inward).

All  our crystals are charged & cleansed for the most powerful and positive energies 💫🔮

Each engraved obsidian tower is approximately 3.5" tall.

Disclaimer: Natural crystals will vary in appearance, size, have natural lines/cracks/imperfections, inclusions, etc. 

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