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Cleansing Trio Bundle

Cleansing Trio Bundle

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Each of our Cleansing Trio Bundle comes with a sage wand of your choice, a Palo Santo, and a rough Selenite wand. The ritual of smudging aids in enhancing intuition, manifesting a connection to the spiritual realm, also aids in dispelling negative energies. Each bundle is delicately wrapped together, cleansed, and charged prior to shipping out in our 100% recyclable packaging.
Emailed instructions are sent on how to effectively use our cleansing bundles.


Blue Sage - “The Grandmother Sage” - Burned to welcome money, wealth, abundance, healing, and prosperity. Also pruned for medicinal and magickal purposes such as spiritual strength of removal of malevolent spirits.

Juniper Sage - Said to have intense protective energy and is used as a part of cleansing and prosperity spells. Best used for new ventures, paths, homes, and to invite overall abundance

Yerba Santa “Holy Herb” -Burned for protection , love, purification, growth, empowerment, healing of emotional pain, and connected to the heart chakra. Also burned to honor ancestors as well as enhance psychic abilities.

White Sage - Deep cleansing of space from negative energies and raises vibrations of said space. Has a strong scent.

Size of sage: 3-5 inches

Size of Rough Selenite wand: 4-5 inches

*All of our cleansing sticks are ethically harvested from various places around the world*

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