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Cord Cutting Candle Ritual

Cord Cutting Candle Ritual

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What is a cord-cutting ritual?

Cord cutting is a spiritual process to help you separate yourself from draining or unhealthy emotional circumstances, freeing you from anything that steals your mental energy. It is very important to state that cord cutting does not seek to remove healthy emotional bonds with loved ones instead, it clears away emotional obstructions that are limiting you consciously and unconsciously.You can detach yourself from negative situations, emotions, people, etc.

 How long does it take for a spell to manifest? Great question!

Magic is not something one can one can predict, and it adapts to each individual and particular needs and desires. It may take days, weeks, or even months for a spell to come into fruition as there are a lot of forces at play when producing any kind of spell work. 

If you do not see results of your spell right away, do not be discouraged. It does not mean that your spell has not worked. It means that your spell needs additional assistance in order to perform optimally with best effect OR there may be that the Universe has a plan that is different from your intention, but always for your best. If you keep an open mind and a strong intention/will, the Universe will enhance the effect of the spell so long as it is in your best interest!

After making your purchase, expect an email in 24-48 hrs requesting further information as to what is your intention for your cord-cutting spell, names of any participants, etc. After the spell has been done, I will provide videos or pictures with a full explanation of what was done and any messages that may have come through.




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By purchasing this product, the client fully accepts the terms and conditions understanding that  LunaMade Creations Co, accepts no liability and releases LunaMade Creations Co, from any and all liability, laws and legal action, therefore please ensure you read the description thoroughly prior to purchasing.

All listings for any kind of spiritual spell work/ritual is intended for those over the age of 18.

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